Sarah Sparkes

Something is waiting for you in the Belfry!

'The Infinity Box' - Sarah Sparkes
Private View:
November 4th 6 - 9pm
arrive early for some homemade soup.
drinks will be served.

Opening night is part of First Thursdays

The Belfry, St John on Bethnal Green
200 Cambridge Heath Road
London E2 9PA
(next to Bethnal Green Tube)

infinity box
The infinity box is an old optical trick using simple technology to create a �Tardis-like� illusion of a space larger on the inside than it appears from outside. For some years, Sarah Sparkes has been exploring the potential of these boxes, previously installing them into coffins, built to fit the artist. Viewed through a peephole, a portal opens out into a limitless dimension, referencing both our arrival into this world and our departure from it.

The Belfry will become home for a structure, which is domestic and everyday, whilst serving as a gateway to explore a fascination for �other worlds�

Exhibition open Sundays 12-5pm until Dec 2nd.

Closing event First Thursday, December 2nd - 6-8 - Sandra Sykorova and Sarah Sparkes, 'one-to-one with infinity' or by appointment