Sarah Sparkes

Born in Reading. Lives and works in London.

Education - Art
MA Chelsea School of Art, recipient of the "Herbert Read Scholarship"
BA Kingston University, Kingston-upon-Thames
Currently undertaking a Research Fellowship at The IGRS, University of London, researching Harry Prices' magical Library

Solo exhibitions include:
"You Are Here", up-coming at St Johns Belfry Space, London, Nov 2010
"Never Afraid", Crimes Town, Oct-Dec, London, 2009
"Misplaced", Vertigo Gallery, London 2004
"Pub Wallpaper" The Royal Oak, London, 2003
"Terra Di Matraia" Colle Verde, Italy, 2001
"The Rec" Grey Space, London, 2000
"Barren" Battersea Central Mission, London, 1997 (funded by Wandsworth Arts)

"Chutney Preserves 4 The Animal Fair" Camberwell Green, London, closing event For Camberwell Arts Festival, (funded by Space Station Sixty-five and Camberwell Arts) June 27th 2010
"Witch Night" Performance event at The Montague Arms, co-curated with Sarah Doyle, Deptford, May 13th 2010
"The Post-GHost Hostings" a night of performance to conclude the second year of GHost, , 2010 lead by Sarah Sparkes and Ricarda Vidal, (Supported by the IGRS) , the haunted rooms of Senate House, London, 10th Feb 2009
"GHost II” Co-curated with Ricarda Vidal, St Johns on Bethnal Green, London, December 2009 (supported by the IGRS and St Johns Bethnal Green and BoSs)
"Hostings 2 - Ghost Voices" a night of talks/ performance/ discussion lead by Sarah Sparkes and Ricarda Vidal, (funded with a Knowledge Transfer Grant from the IGRS) , Senate House, London, 20th Oct 2009
"Hostings 1 - Haunted Houses" a night of talks/ performance/ discussion lead by Sarah Sparkes and Ricarda Vidal, (Supported by the IGRS) , Senate House, London, 17th Nov 2009
"Chutney Preserves 3 - the Voice of Chutney" Camberwell Green for Camberwell Arts Festival, funed by Camberwell Arts and Space station Sixty-Five, 28th June 2009
"Encounters with Scale" Portman Gallery, London, March 2009br /> "GHost" St Johns on Bethnal Green, London,(co-curated with Ricarda Vidal)December 2008
"Chutney Preserves 2 - The Rot Sets In" co- curated with Marq Kearey. On Camberwell Green for Camberwell Arts Week, London, June 2008 (funded by Camberwell Arts)
"Real Life" Portman Gallery, Morpeth School, Bethnal Green, London, March 2008
"Driven", Fieldgate Gallery, London 2007 (funded by Classic Car Club and City Citroen)
"42" Three Colts Gallery, London 2006
"The First Chutney Preserves" co-curated with Marq Kearey, Lambeth Country Show, (funded by Lambeth Arts, Lambeth Parks and Artist's Studio Company) London, July 2005
"Estate" Osterley Park House, Middlesex, (funded by English Heritage)July 1999

Recent Group exhibitions include
"SOLD OUT" Elastic Residence, London, June 2010
"Press" Red Gallery, London, May 2010
"Be Careful What You Wish For" Space Station Sixty Five Gallery, London, March 2010
"JISM" COTH (Sarah Sparkes and Simon Neville) with The Evidence at Super Market Stockholm, Sweden, Feb 2010
"Post" Trove, Birmingham, 2010
"The Dissolving Cube" Portman Gallery, London, Nov 2009 "Fate and Freewill" Contemporary Art Space, LA, USA, Oct 2009
"Urban Wildlife" Queens Wood, London, Sep 2009 "Transzendenz Unlimited" Forgotten Bar, Berlin, Germany, Sep 2009
"Summer's Lease" Emma Hill Eagle Gallery, London, Aug 2009
"COTH KIOSK" (Sarah Sparkes and Simon Neville) at Chutney Preserves 3, Camberwell Green, June 2009 "Shortness" Commission for event at Tate Modern, London, June 21st, 2009
"House of Fairy Tales" Tate Modern, May 2009
"May Day May Day, The Dark Times are coming, Fish Gallery, Hastings, East Sussex, May 2009
"Good News" Alexander Palace Park, May 2009
"Transendenz inc" Ausstellung Hospitalhof, Stuttgart, Germany, April 2009
"Scope London 2008" Lords Cricket Ground, London, Vertigo Gallery, October 2008
"Fresh Air Machine" Calvert 22, 22 Calvert Place, Shoreditch, London, opens 18th September 2008
"A Walk in the Park" Queens Woods, Highgate , London, 6th and 7th September 2008
"Start Your Collection" Contemporary Art Projects, Rivington Street, London, August 2008
"Chutney 2 - The Rot Sets In" On Camberwell Green for Camberwell Arts Week, London, June 29th, 2008 (Funded by Camberwell Arts)
"Poetic License", Crimes Town Gallery, Stoke Newington, London, June 2008
"Walpurgisnacht" Crimes Town Gallery, Stoke Newington, London, May 2008
"00 Nature", Contemporary Art Projects, Rivington Street, London May 2008
"No Letters" Nettie Horn, Vyner Street, London, April 2008
"New Dark Age" Hats Plus, Kings Cross, London March 2008
"Real Life", Portman Gallery, Bethnal Green, London March 2008
"Mothers" Sartorial Art Gallery, Kensington Church Street, London March 2008
"London Art Fair 2008" Business Design Centre, Vertigo Gallery, Islington, London, January 2008
"Planchette" The Residence, The Verger�s Cottage, Eastway, London November 2007
"Spectre V Rector" The Residence, The Verger�s Cottage, Eastway, London November 2007
"I Love Peckham Shop Windows", artist residency, London 2007 (Funded by University for the Arts)
"It Takes Two - Part Two", Sartorial Contemporary Art, London 2007
"It Takes Two", The Fishmarket Gallery, Northampton 2007
"Border line", Patriot Hall Gallery, Edinburgh 2007
"Driven", Fieldgate Gallery, London 2007 (funded by Classic Car Club and City Citroen)
"Winter Exhibition", Contemporary Art Projects, Rivington Street, London
"The Marmite Prize", Residence Gallery, Hackney 2006
"Never be seen", Performing Arts Centre, Kingston upon Thames, Surrey 2006
"For Peel", Nomoregrey, London 2006
"42" Three Colts Gallery, London 2006
"Summer Show" Contemporary Art Projects, London 2006
"David Beckham" A&D Gallery, London 2006
"Local" Wine Gallery, London 2006
"30 x 30" Vertigo Gallery, London 2005
"Mrs Lavers 5 year Diary", The Hat On Wall, London 2005
"Real Strange", Lounge Gallery, London 2005
"East in 2 West" Alma Enterprises and The Wine Gallery, London 2005
"Night on Earth" The Oxford House, London, 2005
"Long Weekend" The Scholars House, London, 2005
"Vyner Street Village Fete" London 2005
"The Prosperous Reapers" Alma Enterprises, London, 2005 (Funded by Artist�s Studio Company)
"The First Chutney Preserves" Lambeth Country Show, London, 2005
"Landscape" Vertigo Gallery, London, 2005
"Open Market" Brixton Village Market, London, 2004 (Funded by Artist�s Studio Company)
"Mothers" The Oxford House, London/Northern Edinburgh Arts Centre, Edinburgh 2004
"Lost Weekends" Vertigo Gallery, London, 2004
"Shed Summit" Welcome Barton, Devon, 2003
"Paperwork" Vertigo Gallery, London, 2003
"One week wonders" Vertigo, 2002
"Onederful" Vertigo, 2002
"Multi- story", Lounge, London, 2001
"Colle Verde Residency" Beatrice Royal, Hampshire, 2001
"Urban Heights" Vertigo Gallery, London 2000
"DIY" 19 Glengall Rd, London, 2000
"Removal" Penny School Gallery, Kingston upon Thames, 1999
"X-hibit" Battersea Arts Centre, London,1999
"Bankside Browser" Tate Gallery Project, 1999
"Dinner Party 99" Pittshanger Manor, 1999
"Estate" Osterley Park House, Middlesex, 1999 (Funded by English Heritage)

"Deserters" Artist in Residence for Nunhead Arts Festival. Work made on site at an abandoned community centre, London September 2009
University of the Arts "I Love Peckham Shop Windows" Work made for the window of 'Keegan's Regeneration', London, August 2007
"Southern Arts Colle Verde Residency" Lucca, Italy, Dec 2000/Jan 2001

Selected Articles
"The Animal Fair" Chutney Preserves previewed by Scott Wood in the Londonist, June 2010
"Sarah Sparkes at Crimes Town Gallery" Kate Weir, Nov 16, 2009
"Puppet or Puppet Master" Inland Empire, California, Review of Fate or Freewill, Lynn Lieu, Nov 2009
"Who's in Charge Here" Martin Holman, Catalogue essay for Fate and Freewill, Oct 2009
"Postcards from Hastings and Bexhill" reviewed by Lee Campbell in Artvehicle, May 2009
"Harry Pye's London Diary" (Real Life) Epifiano (Estonia Art Magazine) March 2008
"Driven to Distraction" "Driven" reviewed by Rebecca Feiner, Telegraph, July 2007
"The Culture Show" BBC Radio Scotland, interview at Borderline show in Edinburgh, March 2007
"42" Chris Schuler, The Independent, November 2006
"A Natural World Made Modern" Chris Schuler, The Independent, June 2005
"Harry Pye's London Diary ("First Chutney Preserves") Epifiano (Estonia Art Magazine) September 2005
"Mothers", Interview on Woman's Hour, BBC Radio 4, March 2004
"Happy Viewing" Andrew Lambirth, The Spectator, December 2003
"Wallpaper" Italian Vogue, December 2001

Selected websites: