Sarah Sparkes
COTH at Supermarket 2010
COTH - Cult of the Harvester
SUPERMARKET 2010; Kulterhuset, Sergels Torg, Stockholm. 19-21 February 2010.

Cult of the Harvester will be showing work from their new series 'JISM'

'Trondant Spit - Domain of Chefly Appetites' 'Trondant Spit - Domain of Chefly Appetites'

Harvester is the name of a restaurant chain in the United Kingdom. These restaurants, which also function as pubs, often occupy converted coaching houses that once served the major trunk routes, Britain's transport arteries, before the construction of motorways. Following a network of lay-lines and located on prehistoric sacred sites, Harvester restaurants reverberate with the powers buried in the soil beneath their faux rural Interiors; interiors which are festooned with fake farming implements harking back to a fabled rural idyll. Removed form any real context these scythes, trowels and ploughs serve as fetishes or ceremonial objects in the practise of an unnamed worship. The menu is meat based and there is an overpowering stench of the cooking of raw flesh. The all-you-can-eat salad bar, a rustic timber-clad stainless steel industrial server, is bathed in the warming glow of overhead spotlights with offerings laid out like specimens in a laboratory.

At the apex of this sinewy network stands the Beulah Spa overlooking the vale of Croydon. Here initiates of the Cult of the Harvester congregate to cast their seed upon the sterile asphalt of the car park and around the thickly carpeted floor beneath the salad bar. This act of sacrifice reveals the mystic outlines of the fabled paradise of the Trondant Spit: Domain of Chefly Pleasures where conscientious carnivores contemplate happy meats.

For the evidence at Supermarket Stockholm COTh presents Jism their latest series of limited edition ceremonial artefacts commemorating initiation into the cult.

COTH is an on-going collaboration between Simon Neville and Sarah Sparkes

New initiates welcome, please email
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'Trondant Spit - Domain of Chefly Appetites' Cult of the Harvesters will join The Evidence at Supermarket Stockholm