Sarah Sparkes
lady never afraid UBS Openings: The Long Weekend 2009

Sarah Sparkes as Lady Never Afraid - bad luck to you if you listen to her stories.

Friday 22 May 2009, 12.00–18.00
Saturday 23 May 2009, 12.00–18.00
Sunday 24 May 2009, 12.00–18.00
Monday 25 May 2009, 12.00–18.00

Take part in a series of workshops and activities for families and people of all ages as House of Fairy Tales take residency outside Tate Modern by the riverside. Make, do, explore and perform, whilst exploring themes and ideas generated by Arte Povera.
Join in the exploration of material and process through activities such as sewing, drawing and sculpture; enter a witch’s gingerbread house and make crazy characters; make and play unusual instruments; explore silhouettes and shadow puppets; read all about Arte Povera and fairy tales in a travelling horsebox library called Pegasus; learn to dance around a maypole, in this unique celebration of homemade culture as an antidote to commercialism and an unmissable visual and aural feast.
The House of Fairy Tales is a non profit production company, set up in 2007 by artists Gavin Turk and Deborah Curtis to produce large and small scale, national and local events celebrating and promoting creative education. They work with an expanding network of visual artists, theatre performers, musicians, as well as creative mathematicians, inventors, engineers and scientists to help equip the next generation with the imagination needed for their future on the planet. They work in public spaces and in partnership with other institutions in order to reach a wide range of groups, cultures and abilities.