Sarah Sparkes
CHUTNEY 3 THE VOICE OF CHUTNEY (this time it's war)
chutney 3 front of invite 28th June 1.00 - 7.30

Camberwell Road, SE5 - buses from Elephant, Brixton and Oval tube. look out for a large white marquee, shaped like a temple.

Disciples! Amongst the creaking and popping of emerging green stuff, you will hear the gargling voice of chutney, summoning you, the righteous and others, to assemble at the chosen place on the given day. In the beginning there was the word, and the word gave voice, and the voice is now calling, and it say’s “Chutney”.

This year we shall again congregate on Camberwell Green from noon till sundown, on the last day of Camberwell’s Arts Festival. Our event plans to explore the wild and varied appeal and repulsion of cults and to temporarily turn the green into Camp Chutney.

Expect to have your mind controlled and enjoy it!

Many interactive double dealings all culminating with a dramatic 'Puppet Wars' - 12 puppets, 3 rounds, only one will be left standing.

We are the Chutney Preserves and we welcome you into our fold.
chutney 3 back of invite