Sarah Sparkes
real life invite

At The Portman Gallery
Curated by Sarah Sparkes
6th March – 15th
Private View – 6th March
Saturday Matinee and closing party– 15th March

Layla Curtis,
CMPW (Chris Coombes, John Mosely, Julian Wakeling, Harry Pye),
Gordon Beswick and Harry Pye
Sarah Doyle,
Lizzie Hughes,
Romain Forquy,
Axel Stockburger,
Heidi Stokes,
Geraldine Swayne,
Ricarda Vidal,
Rosie Woods,
Andrew Cooper and Sarah Sparkes


What is real? how can we be sure that this world is nothing more than an illusion, and that life is just a dream? Real life is an exhibition in which artists use film and photography as a means to capture their own sensations and experience of the external, whether analytical, intellectual or emotional, and allow us a transitory, illuminated insight into the world from behind their eyes.


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