Sarah Sparkes
come and play with us

'It Takes Two' The Fishmarket Gallery, Northampton

"Hello, please spread the word about: IT TAKES TWO
This exhibition, curated by Robert Wornum, is sub titled James Jessop v Harry Pye.
Esteemed Saatchi selling grafitti chap: James Jessop has made gigantic paintings with his mates; Jasper Joffe, Stella Vine, William Tuck, Gavin Nolan, Alex Gene Morrison, Chris Davies etc.
Meanwhile Harry Pye has enlisted help from his chums to pay tribute to some of his favourite duos.
The show opens on Saturday the 7th of April (6pm till late) at THE FISHMARKET GALLERY, Broadshaw St, Northampton (For more details visit The gallery is open on thursdays, fridays and saturdays from 10am till 6pm up until May 26th
Pye's collaborators include - Rowland Smith, Frank Sidebottom, Geraldine Swayne, Rowland Smith, Guy Allot, Sarah Sparkes, Mikey Georgeson, Marscus Cope, Billy Childsih, Luke Gottelier, Steve Double.
The private view on the 7th of April will feature live music from THE PHEROMOANS" (Harry Pye)

harry pye and sarah sparkes